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Last night there was a mighty lightning and thunder storm. Although I mostly heard the thunder, since I sleep with an eye-mask on, it sure did a good job of rattling me. However, I like these types of extreme weather. It's something I missed when I moved to California from Florida, and is one of the reasons why I look forward to summer in Korea.

However, the humidity is here and the cicadas are buzzing away. My school doesn't allow the air conditioner on till 9:30 and then I can't keep it on if there are no kids in my room. Thankfully, my room is attached by door to one of the Korean homerooms. This guy doesn't mind breaking the rules and keeping the aircon running after hours. So I open that door and feel a nice cool breeze waft in.

The final tests went well and report cards are ready for printing, and in just one week that will be the end of the first semester. I have to say I've learned a lot as a teacher and a worker this time. I've learned to be very patient with my students and use methods other than yelling to calm them down and get ready. But some days I feel spent and just want their nonsense to stop. As a worker I've come to pick my battles and do my best to get things done on time.

I know I haven't posted much lately, and I have no clue if anyone has noticed. I love my blog and yes want to keep it up and running. But things might slow down and not be as accumulated as it was before. Mostly because I don't want to push myself to write or post stuff just for the sake of a number of posts. I want to always put up meaningful posts.

Anyways... hope we get more thunderstorms!


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