Those perfectly useless things I’d like to do.

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  • I would like to go to the most crowded place in Busan and shout “Kim!” and see how many people would actually turn around and eventually pick my favourite.
  • I would like to see where those “ajummas” (old ladies) are actually going at 4 in the morning when I am going back home after a party, even though I perfectly know where they are going!To the mountain or just around the building for a walk! But I would just love to see their face when they see me following them… scared “ajummas”..priceless! 
  • I would like to stop whenever I see a bunch of “ajossis” (old men) drinking and playing “Go-Stop” (Korean poker) , sit with them and drink Soju even if it’s 10 am.
  • I would like to be so perfectly fluent in Korean, just so people would wonder if I did  a lot of plastic surgery and am, indeed, Korean, and not a foreigner.
  • I would like to go on a temple stay, and when the monks would arrive to wake me up, I would just roll over and fall back to sleep after telling them to just wake me up for lunch, and that there’s better be some barbecue ready!!!

That’s all for the useless things. Will ad more later…which will be perfectly usesless!!!


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