Things you must do in Korea during Summer Holiday

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♬Hot summer. Hot, hot, summer, summer♬ Like the lyrics of f(x)’s song “Hot Summer,” it is speechlessly hot in Korea. Some people in Jeju even make a joke that Jeju is “Jefrica” now. However, it doesn’t mean that you have nothing to enjoy but the cool breeze from an air conditioner at home. We’ve prepared Summer fun to enjoy that can be hard to find in other seasons.

1. Where to GO in summer



Under the sizzling sun, Haewoondae beach and Gwangalli beach in Busan are crowded with people in swimsuits. Not only you can swim there, but also you can play various water sports like motor boat, banana boat, scuba diving, and yacht. Since the beaches are attached right next to Busan city, there are so many things to enjoy whether it is day or night.



Jeju Island is one the most famous and visited tour destinations in Korea. Even the island is located at the very south of Korea, it takes only one hour by flight from Seoul and the flight fare is quite low due to many airline companies’ price competition. Jeju has many nature wonders that make you awe. Not only emerald beaches but also other spots like Halla Mountain and vast grass lands for horses are the places you should not miss. If you want to look around Jeju Island in one day, then click here!


Gangwondo province

Located in the northern part of Korea, Gangwondo province has many nature-friendly cities like Pyeongchang, Hongcheon, and Sokcho which are composed of many mountains and valleys. Unlike famous beaches in summer, valleys in Gangwondo province are less crowded, giving more relaxing atmospheres. Some valleys have spots for camping or small resorts near the valleys for the convenience of visitors. Usually family groups choose to go to the valleys, bringing food to cook and fruits to put in a cold water from the valleys.

2. What to EAT in summer



Samgyetang is a boiled chicken with oriental ingredients like ginseng, jujube, and sticky rice inside the belly of the chicken. You may wonder why people in Korea eat hot (in temperature) food during hot summer. Koreans have believed that people’s bodies become weak by sweating a lot in summer. In order to prevent from getting sick and to boost stamina, people eat this Samgyetang as food medicine. Samgyetang is particularly popular in Sambok, the 3 hottest days in year based on a lunar calendar. The price is usually from 10,000 won to 30,000 won. Tosokchon is one of the oldest samgyetang restaurants in Seoul that you should not miss!



Naengmyeon is a Korean noodle in a beef or pork based cold broth. Mul-naengmyeon is the naengmyeon with abundant broth while Bibim-naengmyeon is the one with less broth but with more seasoned red-pepper sauce. The price of naengmyeon varies from one restaurant to another but it is usually between 5,000 won and 8,000 won.



Konggooksoo is similar to naengmyeon but with broth made of soybeans. Soaked soybeans are boiled and grinded finely. Salts can be added right before eating the Konggooksoo based on personal preference. Konggooksoo has a deep rich flavor of soybeans and is a healthy food as soybeans have a high protein content. The price is from 5,000 won to 10,000 won.

3. What to DO in summer


Watersport in Hanriver

Instead of spending your valuable time driving on a highway during vacation, you can escape from summer heat in Seoul, doing watersport in Hanriver. Equipment for flyboard, motor boat, banana boat, water ski is prepared. Since there will be an instructor with you all the time, you can enjoy playing the sports more safely and comfortably. If you want to enjoy watersport in Hanriver, then click here!


Enjoy cool rides with the hottest people in water parks

In Korea, there are many outdoor and indoor water parks all the year round. During summer, those water parks are the hangout places of hot, young people. The most famous one is Caribbean Bay attached to Everland. Located in Yongin, only 1 hour away from Seoul, Caribbean Bay is crowded with people from Seoul and near cities. The place has many thrilling rides and pools even for children. Ocean World is a rising rookie as a water park. Located in Hongcheon in Gangwondo province, Ocean World has an attached resort, providing convenience for the visitors.

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