Things I Like Thursday – Pot Lucks

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Where else do you have the opportunity to meet new and interesting people in an intimate setting? Test out you quirky orange-chocolate mouse? And lounge about on the floor in your socks?

Potlucks are a great way to taste new foods and exchange recipes, meet like-minded people and make friends. If you’re adventurous you could always host a potluck of your own by inviting your close mates and asking them to bring a friend. If you do this with a few people (3+) then they won’t feel like the spotlight is on them,  and it’ll create an electric atmosphere.      ( just one of the delights brought to a potluck at mine.)

You don’t even need a huge house or excessive apartment to host (check out my place above). But, if your places is ‘still being renovated’ or you live with your mum, you could join a potluck group by asking friends, looking for meet-ups, or scouring facebook for vegetarian or vegan groups in your area. I’ve found that generally people are pretty cool when inviting you into their home. If however, you’re freaked out about going to the house of someone you don’t know, there are plenty of potlucks in cafes or community halls.

However you go about it, serve your favourite dish with a smile and open-mind.
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