The Sounds of the Jimjilbang

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I recently mustered up enough courage for my first trip to a Korean spa, locally known as a jimjilbang. Lots of public nakedness was had by all, and I left feeling relaxed and squeaky clean. While parts of it might be a tad exaggerated for comedic purposes, this song I made pretty well captures the experience, which was great but also slightly scarring. Apologies in advance for my mediocre singing voice, ‘guess I need to hit the norebang more often. Enjoy!

The Sounds of the Jimjilbang


The jimjilbang is alive with the sound of ajussis
And throats they have cleared for a thousand years
The halls fill my ears with the sound of bodily functions
My eyes try to block every sight they see

In the sauna my skin starts to sweat and I look straight ahead
While a naked man sits way too close
His stares directly at my nether parts
And he points with a grin, “Very nice!”

I laugh as I try not to trip
And fall while I awkwardly flee the scene
To scrub in the buff
Before joining the crowded hot tub

I go to the jimjilbang when my muscles ail me
I know I will hear what I’ve heard before
My heart will be blessed with the sounds of the jimjilbang
And I’ll see the old man once more


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