The Snow is back in town...

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Just thought I would do a little update for no real reason. It's snowing here in Seoul and I guess that means it's still winter. We had a few warm days this past week and it reminded me of what spring is like in Korea. I hope spring in Seattle is just as lovely.

I had a fun kick of the stomach flu last week that had me home from work one day. Teaching the next day wasn't so fun, especially when your Korean counterparts don't bother to ask, "Are you feeling better?" Ah well...

This weekend I was busy doing some scrubbing around the place for the new person. It's amazing how much soot can gather on the veranda here. This person has been in contact with me, which has been really great. I'm able to sell off some furniture to her and know what to leave behind. But most of my stuff has been spoken for and will be purchased and picked up closer to my move date.

I also ordered a bunch of Ikea furniture and things to be delivered to my new place in Seattle. When you're moving across the world it's hard to take things like blankets, pillows and towels with you. After I land in Seattle I just want to get Tom settled in then hit the sack. I've always found sleeping after traveling long distance to be quite thrilling. Usually I wake up in the middle of it and ask myself, "Where am I?" or "What time is it?" I'm still a little nervous for Tom flying but doing what I can to abate that.

It was Groundhog's day yesterday and an early spring was predicted! Even if that doesn't come true it's a nice positive charm to spin on life.

Next week we will be giving out our Level Tests to the students for when they go up to the third grade. It's a nice break from things. Otherwise the last thing I'm teaching these kids is about measuring liquids and weight. Their minds are so off track and not focused it's been a little tough. But their just kids and it's the end of all things for me in Korea, so whatever! I hope to report back later on how giving them their presents and showing the video goes.

You know life is moving so fast and I'm so focused on my new life in Seattle that I forget to realize  Valentine's day is coming along with Korea's New Year (Seollal). Even though I'm single this V-day...I'm doing okay. I'm allright with it and have hope that in the future I'll have a sweetheart in my life. For now, I've got Tom!


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