Slightly Strange Sights

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So here are a couple of random shots of things you don't see everyday.  None of this stuff is shocking by any means - just a

That's quite the unwieldy load in that truck.  You should've seen it move around when it was rolling down the street.  It's an episode of Emergency 9-11 waiting to happen.

This advertisement reminded me of an old joke about three guys at a gentlemen's club.  Carol reminded me that some of our church friends read the blog so I decided not to share that one.  I'm showing restraint in my advanced age.

Ah, nothing like taking advantage of a nice spring day and the sunshine to dry your clothes.  Makes your garments smell fresh and clean - unless you've got a dead fish hanging next to them.  Again, not shocking.  Just a little off.

If you look closely inside the bed of the truck, you'll see a guy actually on the motorcycle talking on a cell phone.

This is one of those claw machines that you put money in and try to grab a stuffed animal toy.  That part isn't strange at all.

What is a little strange are the things inside the claw machine - shoes, belt buckles, a can of STP oil treatment, walkie talkies, a flashlight and other stuff.  Interesting.

Here's a man riding a big tricycle in the subway.

A group of Koreans hanging out on the beach in their thongs - during the winter.  Notice everybody else with jackets on.  Yes.  Thong Man strikes again.  No jumping rope this time.

This is outside a nightclub in Haeundae Beach.  It's a very distinguishable landmark and great for giving directions.  "Yeah, go past the Paradise Hotel, take a left at the big hairy penis and you'll see my apartment on the right."

Enough silliness for now.  Have a great weekend.


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