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No S Diet General Discussion
No Snacks, no sweets, no seconds. Except one scheduled cheat meal a week. Too simple for you? Simple is why it works. 


-> No Snacks:
- Have 3 full-square meals in one day (Breakfast (600cals) / Lunch (600cals) / Dinner (600Cals) = 1800)
- No food in between the three meals; except protein powder twice (morning and dinner) & 1 cafe latte/rest americano for the day.
- If you restrict the food you have in between the three meals per day, you can easily keep track of your calories you intake and thus maintain you -20% fat loss calorie goals each day, even if you don't monitor calories (which is a massive hassle).
- Just double check your habitual food intake calorie is proper (here):

 -> No seconds:
- reduce your portion size, so only one small plate of food for each full-square-sized meal (3 x meals per day only; no eating in between)

- This means that you reduce the portion size of excessive calories (e.g. brown rice/meat) and makes the plate look fuller, you eat less and the plate looks so full = good thing.
- Keep the portion size of each of the three meals small (no big-ass plates).

-> No Sweets:
- No chocolate, no cake, no fast food.
- Simple thought is this: even if go out and other people eat, you can just watch them eat don't worry.
- If people give you stuff, just give it to other people.

- Korea if food giving loving country... - look here for refreshing teaching strategies and reflective practice.


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