Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk 2013

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Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk 2013 Ulsan


The day is finally coming up and I hope that everyone is ready. If you haven’t registered yet please do. The reason for registering is simply to be eligible for the prizes from Scott Kelby and that is pretty much it. So, if you don’t feel like submitting your info, you don’t have to. If you are competitive and want to submit your photos into the main photo contest then I believe that you are obligated to. At any rate, What I want is for everyone to come out and have a good time.

The day will basically be a moderate walk and you are by no means obligated to stay with the group. That is the beauty of these walks. If you want to break off and do your own thing, go for it. Also note that if you want to learn more, I encourage you to talk and get to know the other walkers. This is the best way to network and gain new information. This year we have walkers coming from Busan and all the way from Daegu as well.


The starting point will be at the front gates under the huge dragon. I am not kidding on this one folks, there is a gigantic dragon play area. Thus, making photo op #1! From there we will head down the path towards the Ulgi lighthouses. This is a fairly wide path but there are some flowers and tree to shoot along the way. Washrooms are available halfway down this path.


From the lighthouses we will head down to the Daewangam area. Here you can see the islands and also some haenyo or the elder female divers. Do ask to take some shots of them as they may not want you to. From there we will walk along the path towards the the Ilsan Beach area. From the rocky cliffs you will get a chance to see the famous cranes of Hyundai and the Dong-gu area of Ulsan. There are a number of spots to take photos from so it will take some time. Keep an eye out for cats as well. Many ferrel cats inhabit the area.


Finally, we will meet up again in front of the Dragon for a quick recap. Then we will head down the stairs to Ilsan beach for some drinks and refreshments. Most likely we’ll head to either Over Draught or Golden Eagles and we will decide after the walk.

The main thing that I want people to remember here is that you don’t have to stay for the whole thing and you don’t have to stay with the group. It is all up to you. What we want is to be out shooting on this day and that is it. Remember, if you want to compete to win some prizes (internationally) you must register. Also we will be awarding one winner a copy of Scott Kelby’s Adobe Lightroom 5 Book and this will be chosen by me. Here are a list of the prizes

Other than that, I can’t wait to see you all out there. Take care, clean your lenses, check your memory cards and charge your batteries!


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