Rikku and Auron

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Chatacters: Auron and Warrior Rikku
Status: 100% Finished
Debuted: Comic World Busan, May 2011

These were basically the first costumes we cosplayed in Korea. We were actually afraid people wouldn’t like us for some reason, but that soon changed when swarms of people started taking our picture.

Rikku’s costume was a challenge for me. The top is actually supposed to resemble a leotard, but I was new to fabric shopping in Korea, so I had a really difficult time finding suitable stretch fabric. I ended up using non-stretch cotton fabric and blindly put this costume together without having a clear plan. However, it came together pretty well. If I could make it again I would change so many things.

Auron’s costume was easy to make. Just a robe, collar and a few details. We totally forgot to make the gourde, but nobody seemed to notice. ;D

Dan carved the weapons out of wood and painted them. I was really amazed how well they came out. He did such a good job!

Pictures by Sungshin Cho.


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