Random pictures: the 39th part

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As with other posts with a ‘Random Pictures’ title, these are photos that are too interesting to keep to myself, but didn’t fit in with any other post. Enjoy!

Yes, these are models. No, these are not zombies. If you were confused too, raise your hand. Seen in Myeongdong, Seoul.

Mario! As we all know, this hero of Nintendo fame really knows how to sell clothes. Seen in Gwangju.

You’ve just gotta love the art seen in pedestrian underpasses. Seen near Noksapyeong station in Seoul.

The Jurassic Park tour bus?! Sweet! Seen in Namyangju while visiting one of the royal tombs in Namyangju.

Apparently, there’s more than just an app for this church – they’ve got the GodPhone in their pockets. Wonder if that comes with a contract…

The brief snow my area saw in early December was beautiful on the piano-like benches.

I love it when the sky gets all dramatic and the trees get all silhouette-y.

Half of Korea’s yin and yang symbol; the other half’s on the other door. Seen in Namyangju, east in Seoul.

This is either hideously ugly, or a cute touch to promote yet another coffee shop. Seen in Gwangju.

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