RAK 2011 Bellydancing Festival

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Raising funds for a couple of Korean charitable organizations, Raising Awareness in Korea – AKA the World Belly Dance Day Fundraiser – was a success on both fronts. Head on down for plenty of pictures.

If you were a performer, please check out chrisbacke.zenfolio.com for more pictures – check your e-mail for the access code. If you didn’t receive a message, please e-mail me at chrisinsouthkorea AT gmail.com.

Our beautiful MC’s for the evening – starting at 5pm with the amateur and semi-pro dancers, you’d be hard pressed to see the difference between these and most of the professionals.

Zahira Sujong opening things off with a fusion bellydance performance.

Carpe Diem -

The organizer herself fills in her own trio – Raks Azhaar.

Ayeon Cho – Oriental Dance.

The beautiful pose with a bit of blur, or a sharply focused picture with a normal pose? Tough pick.

Muneera – Oriental Fusion Veil Dance.

From the Kayah Bellydance Company comes some Oriental Dance.

Aly with some Tribal Fusion Bellydance.

One of the dancers from Soo Kids Bellydance, presenting a Veil Dance and drum solo.

After the customary speeches and photo ops, the crowd dispersed, meandered around the lobby, and awaited the arrival of the 7pm “Korean Superstars of Bellydance!” show of professionals – all donating their time and effort to the show.

Bellyvia – Baladi and Fusion Bellydance.

Olivia – AKA Park Jeong-eun – with her style of Oriental Dance.

Yeonju Seo – Tribal Fusion Bellydance.

Combining the theater with bellydancing skills is the Worl’t Bellydance troupe.

Rina’s Jamilah Dancers – presenting Rina Style, Oriental Veil, and Salidi Dance are a trio from the troupe.

From the Korea Bellyone troupe, Fanveil Fusion and Oriental Dance.

Renata with an Oriental Dance style.

It was days after the performance that we learned 3.8 million won was raised for the Korean Women’s Association Limited and Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center. Great job to all to the performers, and to Belynda Azhaar for keeping everything organized.

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