Question from a reader: is it safe to move to Korea?

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A reader writes in asking about safety in South Korea:

I was looking at your blog and I noticed that you are teaching English is South Korea right now. I just recently got accepted to teaching English in South Korea for 6 months (starts in August), but my friend and I are feeling a little hesitant about accepting this because of what is happening between N. Korea and S. Korea. I was wondering, would it still be a safe time to travel and live in Korea even though all of this may be going on? [A.D.]
Everyone has a different definition of 'safe'. A continued threat, while still a threat, has been considered a relatively benign threat by most Koreans for the past several decades. It's impossible to know what every local is thinking, but most seem to be going about their daily lives as normal, even with the ominous-sounding news.

That tensions are high right now can't be denied. The North could strike, and the South would strike back. It would help your psyche to be prepared for whatever may happen - make an emergency kit and know your embassy's evacuation plans (this post should help).

Unless there's some other issue preventing you from coming, I say come to Korea. The lifestyle and job remain worth doing, while the words and news haven't (yet) translated into any issues for the general public.

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