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Hello everyone!


Ms Bikini lineup

The big day has come and gone and now I can get back into blogging and recipe sharing! Last Saturday, April 27th, I competed in the Universe Perfection Korea World Body Classic. Wow long name! When I registered for the show, it was actually a Musclemania competition, but there was some sort of falling out with the organizers so the name changed. Doesn’t really matter to me- when I return to Canada and compete there, I won’t be entering that federation anyways. There are many aspects of the competition that I don’t really like- namely the costume and posing. Also, maybe just because it was in Korea, but many of the women did not look like athletes- just skinny and surgically altered. Not saying that women are not skinny or surgically altered back home- but it just seemed really pronounced here. I want to compete in the CBBF- Canadian Bodybuilding Federation, which is what I did when I competed in Fitness back in 2011. What I like about the CBBF is that you start in the Amateur comps and work your way up to the National levels. Then you can qualify to compete internationally and become an IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding) Pro Athlete. So that’s my goal. In the Bikini division though- not Fitness or Figure. I still have a long ways to go physique wise- I need more muscle and definition! So I’m not sure when I will compete again. My current goals are to reverse diet, bring myself back up to maintenance, slowly increase calories up from there and lift heavy things :)


Ms Figure individual presentation

I have to say that I had so many fears all the way up to just a few days before the contest. I was unhappy with my body. I really really wanted to see a six pack appear- and as you can see by the pictures- there is none. So I was really upset with myself and very judgmental towards my body. I really compare myself to other bikini competitors who always look so great and defined, which I don’t see in myself. However, I’ve changed my mindset. I realize that no, my body isn’t the way I want it to be, but who says it won’t be one day? And in the meantime- why hate the way it is now? Why can’t I just love myself the way I am right now, and continue to love myself in the future? It’s not like I’m not working hard right now or not trying. And I don’t have other people criticizing me- it’s all me. I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been right now, and for this entire prep I’ve felt better than I have for years. That in itself should be more than enough of an accomplishment. And I look healthy too. So yes, I’ve decided that being unhappy with my body does nothing to help me accomplish my goals, and everything to push me away from them. So I’m breaking up with the poisonous mindset I have, and replacing it with love and acceptance for the way I am now, and only more love and acceptance for the positive changes to come. (Obviously this is easier said than done, but the more I tell myself I believe it, the more I really will!)


My girl Kristin who has been such a support for me. She also painted me with protan the night before the show.


Ms Bikini line up

Here are some more photos from the competition. I didn’t place, and honestly I don’t care at all. I did the comp for myself, and am happy with my pictures and my result, so that is all that matters to me.

Waiting backstage went by much faster thanks to wonderful friends like Janine. I arrived at 9am and wasn't onstage until 2pm!

Waiting backstage went by much faster thanks to wonderful friends like Janine. I arrived at 9am and wasn’t onstage until 2pm!


Another friend who came to support me, thanks Samuel!

Ms Bikini individual presentation

Ms Bikini individual presentation


Ms Bikini comparisons- we were grouped in 4 for the comparisons but the lineup had 20-30 girls.


Ms Bikini round- themed sportswear. Definitely not sportswear.

I’ll be posting recipes soon, stay tuned!


I have to say- they picked the *ugliest* trophy I’ve ever seen. Can’t say I’d want to bring that thing back to Canada if I had won it! This little collage was made by Momo- a Malaysian gal I met at the show. She placed in the Fitness category.

And I did have pizza for dinner with my friends after :) No crazy binge but an indulgence for sure!

And I did have pizza for dinner with my friends after :) No crazy binge but an indulgence for sure!


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