POSCO exec unhappy with ramen, smacks flight attendant with magazine

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In the “You can’t make stuff this stupid up” department, a POSCO Energy board member, on a Korean Air flight from Incheon to L.A., was unhappy with his ramen so he reportedly whacked the flight attendant with a magazine.


Apparently, he first became unruly when he couldn’t get rice porridge and then became doubly incensed that the ramen he was given instead was too salty and not cooked properly.

Oh, and in a fit of defiance, he refused to buckle his seatbelt.

The pilot alerted U.S. authorities of the incoming knucklehead and, upon landing in L.A., Mr. Ramen was greeted by FBI agents and given the option to submit to questioning or return home. He took the next flight back –on another airline I would imagine.

According to the Joongang Ilbo, the exec claims it was all a BIG misunderstanding.

For his part, the board member reportedly said that he did not hit the female attendant with a magazine but that she came nearby and accidently ran into a magazine he was holding.

Yeah, that makes sense.

(HT to Chevy)


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