Pokémon Takes Over Korea As Gamers Travel Hours To Play New Pokémon Go App

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For Pokémon fans in South Korea, the success of the new Pokémon Go app has been bittersweet as the game has not yet been officially released in the ROK. However, people from across the country are already traveling to Sokcho, the first area where the game works due to a mapping oddity, to play the game & prepare for a time when it will be available across the country. Korea FM host Chance Dorland spoke with ‘Pokémon Go Korea‘ Facebook group creator & Gangnam Gamers player Wilfred Lee & EXBC live streamer Esco to hear how they & others have traveled hours to play Pokémon Go & what the experience has shown them about the game & dedication of South Korean fans.

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 Interview answers, both in written & audio form, have been edited for length & clarity.

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