Photography Spots in Korea – Series II – Exploring Korea

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Ulgi Park at Ulsan

If you enjoyed our last series – Photography Spots in Korea – Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring by Ranjitha Jeurkar, then you would enjoy this even more. Because in this series we have 7 budding photographers from India sharing their pictures and insights about places to visit in Korea.

In this series we will showcase photographs of my dear friend Prashant Soni, Abhijit Jadhav, Shravan Kumar Nagabandi, Ameet Jeed, Neha Mittal, Dr. Preeti Mishra and Sandeep Sangwan.

Prashant Soni (PJ Soni), myself and Deepak Nair had visited Seoraksan Grand Park along with Seoul Hiking Group and undoubtedly it was one of the most memorable trips in Korea. We hiked the beautiful mountains of Seoraksan continuously for 16 hours in the wee hours of the morning. It was the best time of the year when the leaves had just started changing its color at Seoraksan and autumn had just begin. Without giving away a lot let me share the top 5 pictures from Prashant Soni’s collection of Seoraksan Grand Park.

I have met Abhijit many times but it was only recently I got to know from his wife, Ashlesa about Abhijit’s secret passion for photography and poetry. I believe it is Ashlesa who inspires him to be so creative. Abhijit has captured some beautiful places through his lenses. Looking forward to more of his night photography pictures in the future.

Shravan has taken photography to a new level through his iPhonography and he has this atmospheric feel of Korean Indie Movies in his pictures. But I wonder whether it is Instagram or Pudding Camera which is at work here. Well, Shravan can let the secret out about the app which has helped him creates this magic.

Ameet Jeed’s pictures of Ulgi Park in Ulsan is indeed very photogenic. Thanks Ameet for sharing info about this beautiful place. I personally believe it is one of those unexplored places in Korea which is really beautiful but not very popular. I was really surprised to know that such an place exist in Korea.

Ulgi Park has a forest of 15,000 seashore pine trees, which are more than 100 years old. There is Daewangam Rock at the tip of the park. This large rock, now connected by a bridge, bears the legend that Queen Munmu became a dragon and submerged herself under Daewangam rock to protect Korea.

Neha’s picture shares the excitement I had when I had visited Korea for the first time. The excitement is not about visiting Korea per se but it is more about watching snow-fall for the very first time. I remember going ballistic clicking pictures of snow-covered Seoul and sharing it on facebook. Thanks Neha for bringing back those winter memories and excitement through your pictures.

I believe your journey to Korea would be incomplete if you fail to capture Buddha through your lenses. Dr. Preeti has shared this beautiful picture of Waojeongsha Temple in the forest valley of Mt. Odaesan, Yongin. Visiting Buddhist temples in Korea not only gives you insight about Korean history and culture but also cuts you off from the noisy city and gives you an opportunity to have a conversation with your inner-self in the tranquility of these temples.

And finally hats off to Sandeep Sangwan for standing 3 hrs in -5°C for clicking these beautiful pictures of this unknown beach in Ulsan. It is very hard to believe that this is your first time photography. Hoping to see more of your good work in the near future.


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