PD Notebook: "Gay, Lesbian, Hello Everybody?"

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On Tuesday night, PD Notebook focused on the life of sexual minorities in Korea in a very human light. The episode can be torrented, but I haven't seen anything with English subtitles yet.

Titled "Gay, Lesbian, Hello Everybody?", episode 1016 (헐) starts by mentioning Tim Cook's recent coming out and the Catholic church's recent discussion on the homosexual question. The program then segues into an interview with a lesbian who was forcefully hospitalized by her parents when she came out. Although this reflects a very persistent attitude from parents in Korea, the program also includes a segment with a young gay man who came out as bisexual and not only seems to be very well adjusted, but has a fantastically supportive father. The last part also includes an interview with Kim Jho Gwang Su and his husband.

Hopefully, there is a large viewership for the program; it definitely humanized sexual minorities. If I find a Youtube link later on, I'll make sure to share.