Our Daily Life in Korea

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I've been here almost two weeks now! Time is passing too fast.

Daejeon City is a really nice place, though not many tourist attractions. You hardly see any tourists around. The weather has been fairly good so far.

We usually wake up around noon. We are camping in the living room now haha! Not because we don't have a place to sleep but because I really enjoy the feeling of sleeping in a tent. In Singapore, the only place we get to camp is at the beach and really, it is nothing compared to a real camping experience. When we were younger, we often went camping with our taiwan family with real huge tents that could sleep the whole family and at designated camp sites in Taiwan. 

We are planning to go camping in Korea! Sometime in June when the weather is much warmer.

And sometimes we will go out to a cafe to study (I am studying Korean right now).

In the evenings we would walk Maxi, our new puppy. He would tell me stories about his childhood as we walk pass river streams or rice farms that he used to play in as a kid.

My days in Korea always seem to pass by so quickly...


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