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As you can see spring has been good to me with fun trips to places here and there. The warm weather has helped calm my mood and ease my mind when it comes to work rambles. The job is puttering on like a well greased machine, with a few hiccups here and there.

But a big bump in the road is coming up, and that would be open class. It's not my first time with this kind of job-related aspect, but I definitely feel like this one will be more serious. For one the people who will be observing me are the parents, and since they pay for their kids education I can only guess their gaze will be mighty. The open class is not till next month, but I am already in the thick of planning it. We are given the liberty to do whatever we want, even can break away from our regularly scheduled plan. However, I am planning on sticking with the schedule but making sure there are interactive activities involved.

From talking with experienced teachers they say that the parent's want to see their kids involved and interacting with you. From what I have planned I know that there will be times with a lot of interaction and others without.  I am mostly worried that I will disappoint the parents in some way or another.

The whole thing got me thinking about the job in general and how I would be evaluated at the end of the year. I started to wonder if these open classes had a high place in my job evaluation. So I went to the head-coordinator and asked him about this. He reassured me that it has a part but that the school usually doesn't get terrible parent reviews. He said our evaluations are based on many levels and not just the open classes.

Overall, I feel very comfortable at this job and confident I am doing things well. Yet there are times I wonder if I am doing something wrong but don't know it. From reflecting on these things I realized that I need to be a team player more (in regards to the Korean homeroom teachers). Often times, at our weekly meetings, I protest certain requests while trying to prove points on how somethings are just impossible for us (the foreign teachers) to accomplish with EFL students. But I think I need to just bite my tongue and accept their requests as much as I wince inside.

Anyways, I know that in the end it could all just come down to whether they liked the color of my shoes or not, and so I should just put forth my best effort and see what happens.

All right, that leads me to my question of whether you have any open class tip? For one, this will be my first time that my classroom will be crammed with parents watching me, and I am trying to adjust my mind around this.


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