Not On An Island

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Today I am feeling a bit better, consciously not physically, about these conundrums at work. Our school has put together committees of teachers to assess things like curriculum, camp and other topics. I am on the curriculum committee and we had our first meeting today.

After talk of what we will do and such rituals we came to a discussion of the woes-of-work. So it is that I found out my troubles are not isolated and this is basically how the school functions. Everyone said they had issues with bad students and groups and that it is tough to get them involved. Alongside this everyone experiences the murky communication amongst the departments. In essence, I am not alone in my troubles and probably shouldn't have thought so anyways.

Although physically exhausted right now, and still getting over a cold/allergy thing, I feel like my burdens can be transformed into something more functional. Generally, I am seeing that I need to find ways to control my stress level when things do get bad.

Funny thing today was that I overslept but Tom woke me up time. He's a good alarm clock, except there is now snooze button on him.



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