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I don’t usually grow my nails and apply nail polish, because I don’t have the time and the skill to “design” my nails. Besides, my husband doesn’t like “long varnished nails”, but I have always wanted to have those long beautifully manicured nails. A few weeks ago, I saw these very pretty nail designs in a shop called Olive Young in Sorae, so I thought, “Why not grow my nails a little and paint them just for Christmas?” Last Christmas, I had a free manicure from Face Shop, and my nails looked nice, so I kinda thought of ”pampering” my nails at least every Christmas (and New Year). ^^

Snowflakes and glitters ^^

Snowflakes and glitters ^^

The ones I bought in Olive Young are not actually nail polish, they’re called nail wrap(s).



I bought one kit for 9, 900 KRW  (9.19 USD) (379.44 PHP). They were on sale. The kit includes the following:

“Nail wraps” for the finger nails and toe nails

A nail file for shaping your nails after putting the nail wraps

A nail file for shaping your nails after putting the nail wraps

A mini catalogue of other nail wrap designs

A mini catalogue of other nail wrap designs (Aren’t they lovely?)

Putting the nail wraps are as easy as pie. It’s just like putting stickers on your nails. I had a hard time, cutting them to fit my nails, though, because my nails weren’t that long. The instructions are in Japanese, but you don’t have to read them if you can’t. The pictures simply explain how nail wraps are applied.

4They stay longer than nail polish. I had them looking good as new for two weeks. They are easy to remove, too. No need to use nail polish remover, just simply pull the wraps from your nails. You may need oil or lotion after taking off the wraps to get rid of the sticky residue from your nails.




Peek-a-boo! ^^ I can’t believe my nails look even better after a week of applying nail wraps.

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