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My 6th floor apartment is actually quite spacious!  With only a single bed and a small table with 2 chairs my place has ample space for my 30 Day Shred and Insanity: The Asylum workouts.  My bathroom has a massive mirror (with very minimal water damage - amazing), and is quite large.  There is a ton of closet space (I could have brought way more shoes - Air Canada - give a girl a break next time, k?).  The suite has LARGE windows so I get a ton of light and my view is of the small park nearby.  I'll need to buy some curtains, but for the time being it's really great to have a nice, bright place to live.

I cooked my first meal at my new home.  Being that I don't have much in the way of cooking tools (or seasoning, or butter, or olive oil - yet) it was a simple meal of steamed brussel sprouts, scrambled egg, and some pork/ tofu patty I bought at Lotte Mart after trying a sample.  At grocery stores (especially on Saturdays) they have ladies giving out samples at the end of every aisle!  It puts Costo to shame - you can not only have a free lunch, you'll feel stuffed when you leave.  It might be best to shop on weekends only so that I'm full when I buy my groceries for the week ;)

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