My first 24 hours in South Korea

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Can I tell you something? I don’t actually like airplanes. Twenty-six hours total in flight. Nightmares, people. NIGHTMARES.

Things got better after the flights (there were three). Since I’ve already been to Seoul, I felt a sense of familiarity at Incheon International Airport, and on the subways.  It was weird after all those hours traveling to feel such a strong sense of returning.

I chose to stay at Dustin Guesthouse, a place I visited during my first trip to Korea. The first people I met were some Southern army boys boasting loudly about their affection for guns. Weird to travel halfway around the world to hear that conversation.

I also met the first person I’ve ever seen from Mongolia, which was, for me, REALLY EXCITING. I know, I know, people are people no matter what nationality. But I’ve always viewed Mongolia as a mystical fairyland, since it’s so far away from America and so full of nature and legends. It’s one of my top destinations–Hawks! Majesty! Adventure! It’s less than four hours from Korea. Hopefully this year I’ll go.

It’s disarming not to know the local language here. I want to give a good impression of Americans by learning enough Korean to appear polite and knowledgable. I also want to be able to get around, and read signs…!

Well, without further ado, here are some tips that will help you get through your first 24 hours in South Korea:

  • Remember deodorant
  • Don’t wear low cut tops…I feel like short shorts are acceptable here but low cut tops are seen as riskay
  • Learn to say “nice to meet you”
  • Chose taxi over subway if you have a lot of luggage
  • Master the art of having a WhatsApp conversation whilst navigating through Wifi pockets
  • Know that if you get up too early, pretty much everything will be closed
  • Most hostels have free bread and butter for breakfast…if you wake up in the middle of the night with jet lag, locate it and FEAST!
  • Hydration is key…I recommend yogurt smoothies and green tea lattes!


Annnd now for a brief photo essay of my first day here:






On the way to getting a power convertor, a razor, and socks…

View of Yongsan
View of Yongsan


So much adorable to be had in South Korea!




And so much Turkish food.



I’m about to enter the week long rigorous training with my company! If I don’t pass, I go home. I’m really, really nervous. Almost everyone passes, so realistically I probably will. But still. Nerve racking! New people to meet! New rules to learn!


Probably won’t be posting again until I get to Cheonan.


Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!






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