In the moment

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You know that moment after you’ve had a few dates with someone, and things are going really well?

Everything they do is cute and interesting. Every story they tell is new and gives you another dimension on how they’re wonderfully structured. They always smell good. They always feel good. They always taste good. They can easily say or do something that puts the biggest smile on your face.

That excited feeling you get when you see a message from them or when you lock eyes after a kiss. The eagerness you can’t contain before you know you’ll see them again. That nervousness that you don’t want to move too fast, well, not faster than them. You don’t worry about the future or about what obstacles may come. You don’t want anything, really. You just want to see that person one more time and continue the good feelings.

I wish I could always feel this way.


Hi, I'm Stacy. I'm from Portland, Oregon, USA, and am currently living in Busan, South Korea. Check me out on: Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Lastfm, and Flickr.



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