May School Field Trip

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For our school's May field trip the kiddos took a bus ride up to Pocheon to visit the Africa Cultural Center. Who would of guessed there was a little slice of that great continent here in Korea?

Like the previous field trip we were swept around from place to place, but this time the kids got to take part in several activities.

The first activity involved making a wooden-beaded necklace, which was pretty simple to do but also a lot of fun.

The Africa Cultural Center had actual African people there, which gave instructions to some of the activities and led a performance, as you will see later. After the kids finished their necklaces we went to an open area and they had a group picture with the African staff. I found this a little odd, but oh well.

Next was drumming! When you think about it, this was the perfect activity for this kind of crowd.

After the big drums came a session with smaller drums and a reed percussion instrument. 

The kids were all fired up from drumming and interacting with the staff, but that energy was squandered as their next trip was around the artifact museum.

There was one last stop before lunch time and that was a drumming and dancing performance by the staff. It was very rhythmic, loud and exciting. The kids seemed eye struck by it all.

Finally, lunchtime rolled around and the kids were able to beat their hunger. I would say if you were thinking of going to this place without kids than you might find yourself in an awkward position. However, I suppose you could go and see this little slice of another world plunked inside Korea.


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