Making irresponsible decisions one hangover at a time!

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You know what sucks? Not getting paid for eight weeks. Know what extra sucks? Funding an international move and not getting paid for eight weeks. Know what extra extra sucks? Being really bad at budgeting. Like me.

I came here with about $1,200. That, plus my plane ticket reimbursement, is all gone now.  Basically, I am terrible at budgeting. I feel really dumb and irresponsible for spending all my money and now I have to make it till July 5th without so much as a cent. WHY, NICOOOOLLEEEE, WHYYYYY? (Don’t worry, though, I have enough ramen and banana chips to make it through.)

To my defense, eight weeks is a fucking long time to go without a paycheck. Probably anyone would have a tough time. But I do have a weakness for expensive coffee and creature comforts that I need to exterminate ASAP.

Not having any money didn’t stop me from going out Friday night, though. I found 3,500 won inside the rubber ring around my washer, just enough for one beer. I really needed a drink….

My classes that day had not gone well.  My first class blatantly talked in Korean the entire time and showed zero effort or interest in the lesson.  It’s a three hour class.  When your students ignore you, you start to feel like one of those Greenpeace activists or evangelists or crazy ranting homeless people proselytizing on the street corner. Everyone sees you but no one pays attention.  My second class only had three students.  Middle-schoolers.  Overworked, unmotivated, pushy.

Something about being ignored all day at work brought a deep sense of loneliness to the surface.  I’m more of a sit-back-and-let-it-happen type when it comes to friendships. And it’s difficult to start from scratch. I want my mommy.

I also am lonely for nature. Nature’s my friend. But the nature here is few and far between, and maybe a little smelly.  I’m deeply lonely for high altitudes…dew on wildflowers in the morning…moose…

…So going back to the part when I really needed a drink.  After work on Friday, I went to the foreigner bar and actually had a pretty good time. I truly enjoyed talking with my coworkers outside of work, and liked getting to know the other foreigners more.  I felt less stressed out and less lonely.

THE ONLY PROBLEM WAS that instead of drinking just the one beer, I mooched off several other peoples’ mixed drinks, took two shots, and had a vodka cranberry. All-in-all, that’s probably like 5.5-6 drinks.







WHYYYYYY, NICOOOOLLLE, WHYYYYYY? I got home at like four or something in the morning and threw up so much. Then I slept/lied in bed for twenty-four hours straight and dreamed that cats had created a shrine to me in a fancy mansion because they were plotting to kill me.


evil cat


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