Making Gimbab (김밥) with Chae and Jagi

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TEG_8637Gimbab (김밥) is Korea’s version of a sushi roll.  Translated, it means seaweed rice, which makes sense since these are the two main ingredients found in all Gimbab.  Other ingredients include, fish, meat, egg, and vegetables, either fresh, pickled or roasted.  Making Gimbab is a labor intensive process because so many different ingredients are used.  First Chae steamed the rice and stir fried some of the vegetables.  She then cooked egg and cut it into strips along with fresh cucumber.  Strips of fish and crab came from a package along with the dried seaweed paper.  Chae laid out the seaweed paper and carefully spread a thin layer of rice before adding one strip of each of the different ingredients from her tray.  Finally she rolled everything up and sealed it with a bit of oil and cut into slices.  Jagi sat at the table and watched the whole process.

Chae also added tuna to some of the rolls.  Tuna Gimbab is my favourite!




Jagi focusing all his attention on the Gimbab ingredients!

Jagi completely focused on the Gimbab ingredients


Jagi loves sitting at the kitchen table.Jagi loves sitting at the kitchen table

Chae spreading a thin layer of rice on the seaweed paper before adding the ingredients from the trayChae spreading the steamed rice on the seaweed paper before she adds the differnt ingredients from the tray and rolls them up


The final sliced Gimbab rollFinished and sliced roll
2 friends, 4 weeks, 1 epic motorcycle adventure across South Korea!



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