Little Rock Concert at Hansung University

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As I sat inside a small auditorium at Hansung University watching a small rock concert put on by students, I couldn't help but look around and consider that in a year I would be far-far away from this place.

I felt mixed up knowing I was going to miss the random excitement I have in Korea, but also full of wonder about what fun places I will find back home.

In the end I decided to go with the moment and enjoyed watching these young folks sing and play their hearts out. The way the concert worked was that these individuals would come on stage and take their place, either behind the drums or with a guitar. Then they would sing a song or two, say thank you and exit. After which another set of folks would come on and do the same thing. But then it would be the same members mixed up with others and in different positions. So for one set you would see the drummer pumping away, and then come back on stage as the singer. Talk about multi-talented!

Most of the members were male, but I was glad to see a female bass guitarist and pianist.

The style of music was mostly rock, which were covers of known Korean songs. However, I didn't really know much of the music but enjoyed anyways. In the crowd were fans and friends cheering on and giving support. It felt like a fun small gathering of University students. My friend invited me who has a friend in the band, so that's how I got to go.

I'm not too skilled in the instrument playing or singing department, but by the last act I would say the talent got a lot better. Surely I was highly impressed and who knows maybe one of these players will go on to be a contestant on Super Star K (Korea's version of American Idol).

Since this was random I have a feeling that small concerts like this go on quite often at the numerous Universities around Seoul. So if you can figure out how and when to see them, I would definitely recommend it. Sorry I can't be of much help in actually knowing how to find out more information.

One way might be to just follow your ear, as rock music generally thumps it's way outside. ;)


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