Learn Korean in 2016: 90 Day Korean Roundup

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2015 was another fantastic year in the world of Korean learning and we can’t thank our readers enough for all the support, comments and wonderful feedback! 

In the past year, we’ve seen our lessons and teachings reach more and more students in many new countries and we’ve had new members join our Inner Circle from Israel, Switzerland, Singapore, Indonesia and many other countries! Our students and readers are amazing and we appreciate every single one of you.

Our paid Korean course launched a third 90-day module this year, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive as we’ve had a cohort of students go through the entire course and learn Korean to an intermediate level. We look forward to building onto our course in the next year and giving our learners more and more learning materials.

We’ve also had more than 15 000 people go through our 90 Minute Challenge in the past year and learn to read Korean, and we’ve seen our social media audiences more than triple! Korean is definitely spreading, and we have you to thank for it.

Our official “Learn Korean” Blog launched just over a year and a half ago and we’ve seen the readership continue to grow significantly. In 2015, we published more than 70 blog posts thanks to our additional writers we brought on, and we hope to write more and more in 2016.

Though we published articles on a wide variety of topics related to Korean learning and culture (many of which were inspired by our readers who suggested a lot of the ideas), some of the content we published really resonated with readers and it truly shows in the number of times they were liked, shared and read! 

When we polled our audience, six of our posts emerged as the clear winners in terms of being the most engaging, helpful pieces of content we shared in the past 12 months.

As we wind down and head into the new year, we take a closer look at those 6 articles that had the most impact (as chosen by our readership).


#6 Holidays to Fall in Love in Korea

This post seemed to resonate with our readers for a variety of reasons. Aside from the fact that it introduces some lesser known love holidays and provides a glimpse into the underground Korean culture, it is just plain fun! The variety of holidays for romance-filled (or romance-deprived) means there is an opportunity for everyone to hop on board and celebrate – whether single, with a crush, or in a serious relationship! There’s no right or wrong way to express love in Korea, and this one hits home for the cultural enthusiasts.

Coming in at #6, this article is a great overview of Korea’s cultural holidays devoted to love and romance (or lack thereof).

Click here to read the article >>

#5 The Seven Levels of Korean Aegyo

Aegyo is adored by many, and despised by others! When you speak Korean and wish to spice things up with some adorable gestures and phrases, then you’ll definitely want to know about aegyo. Korean aegyo (애교) refers to someone acting cute or childish, even if they’re not a child! This post breaks down what we have called “the seven levels of aegyo,” ranging from a few cute mannerisms all the way to off-the-charts cuteness levels! Love it or hate it, go through the list to see how much aegyo you can handle with this post coming in at #5.

Learn to talk cute in Korean here >>

#4 Satoori: How to Speak Korean Like a Local

Once you have gotten your Korean to a certain level, it’s fun to start learning some of the subtleties of the language – and learning ‘satoori’ is one great way to do that! Each region in Korea has its own regional dialects, which we call ‘satoori’ in Korean. This was one of our most requested posts of the past year, and we hope we’ve done the topic justice. We plan to build on it more in the coming year. A great overview, this post comes in at #4 and helps you break into the world of Korean dialacts and speak Korean more like a local (and impress your Korean friends in the process).

Learn to talk like a local here >>

#3 Korean Slang: 25 Popular Words

One way you can really make your Korean friends laugh is by injecting slang words into your conversations. When we study the language, we often study the formal ways of speaking, but when you go off and start using the language with your Korean friends and those of a similar age to you, you’ll notice they don’t always talk in that manner! Picking up some Korean slang is a great way to stay trendy, impress your friends, and have a better idea of what is being said around you and in your favorite Korean dramas and songs. Coming in at #3, this post will help you get there faster!

Learn to use Korean slang here >>

#2 Top 10 Korean Jokes

Who doesn’t love humor? And when you combine Korean study and Western style jokes, everybody wins! This post is a work in progress and we hope to build it up more and more over the years to have the best database of Korean jokes on the internet, so if you have any of your own, please send ’em on in! 

Coming in at #2, this roundup post counts down the top 10 Korean jokes we’ve heard over the years! Put your level of Korean understanding to the test and see if you can explain each one before peeking at the answers (and don’t forget to laugh out loud)!

Get a dose of Korean humor here >>

#1 8 Korean Experts Reveal the Biggest Mistakes Students Make When Learning Korean

This article was the clear winner this year, and many thanks to our panel of expert friends who helped make it a huge success. For this one, we called up Korean university professors, talk show stars, cultural icons, business owners, Korean textbook authors and experts to give their advice on one simple question: “What are the biggest mistakes Korean learners make?” The insights we gathered are invaluable and we recommend you read this one twice to extract all the gold from it! 

Our top post this past year, this one is one to bookmark and read again and again. Happy studies!

Learn straight from the experts here >>

Well, there you have it! Another year, another win for the Korean learning community. It’s been a pleasure studying with you in 2015 and our entire team looks forward to 2016 where we’ll be continuing to innovate, release more Korean content and find new ways to help you get your Korean to the next level. 

We always love your ideas and suggestions, so feel free to drop us a line by email.

Thanks again for all your amazing support in 2015 and we’ll be back with more very soon! Have a wonderful holiday season and a very happy new year! 

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