Last Minute Lecture: Korea's Response to AIDS

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This is very last minute, but this lecture by Sister Miriam Cousins at the Royal Asiatic Society looks really interesting. From their website:

Tonight’s speaker is uniquely well placed to tell us about the history of AIDS in Korea and the varying responses to it here. She will begin with a general introduction to HIV/AIDS, focusing on how it is spread, who the most vulnerable people are. Then she will survey the situation regarding HIV/AIDS in Korea, both among Korean people and among foreigners. A major issue everywhere concerns the availability of treatment, once a person has been found to be infected with the HIV virus. There are treatments now available that can prolong life for those infected almost indefinitely, but they must be begun at an early stage. Very often, those most at risk avoid being tested and by the time they are diagnosed they have developed full-blown AIDS and it is too late to do much for them. Sister Miriam has played a leading role in developing new forms of Christian ministry for PLWHA (people living with HIV/AIDS) and she will speak of her work in establishing shelters for people who have lost their jobs and been rejected by their families and communities because they have HIV/AIDS. Recently, mirroring what is happening in many countries, she has helped establish the Korean Interfaith Network on HIV/AIDS, which brings together individuals and groups belonging to various religious traditions who are now devoting themselves to caring for PLWHA.

The event is tonight, October 9th from 7:30 to 9 pm. I unfortunately have 회식 at school, so probably can't make it. The lecture will take place on the second floor of the Somerset Palace and costs 7,000 won for non-members of the RAS. For more information, check out their website