Korean Students Speak... and the Social Media World Listens

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While North Korea grabs attention from the the world with  threats and missiles, South Korea has once again struck the social media bullseye with a photo blog of  Korean high school students holding up handwritten signs.  From their about page, the Tumblr blog 

"is a project started by a group of current Fulbright English Teaching Assistants working in South Korea. Although the main goal of the project is to promote freedom of expression and creativity, these pictures also provide insight into the daily lives and thoughts of the Korean youth. Since the project began in the fall of 2011, over a thousand students from all over the peninsula (and Jeju Island) have courageously put pen to paper"

Popular 'social news' site Buzzfeed posted an article about the the KSS Tumblr on Tuesday and since then it has been picked up by other news outlets and making the social media rounds.  They're not closing in on Psy's 1.5 billion+ views, but there something honestly poignent about the simple meme.  Signs cover a variety of topics, including the 'prison' of Korean high school life, expressions of love for Kpop crushes, Dokdo Pride, anti-fart PSA's, and a very wide variety of other thoughts that the teenagers of Korea wanted to share. 
You can see a sample of signs below and find an archive of 1000+ on the Tumblr at: http://koreanstudentsspeak.tumblr.com/




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