Korean Side Dishes (반찬)

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Kimchi boy & I have discussed many times. We will live in Korea after we get married in future. I really love Korean food but I cannot imagine eating it for the rest of my life. 

By my first month in Korea (last winter), I was desperately looking for western food, chinese food... just anything but Korean. haha. Personally, I feel that Korean food all taste the same.. maybe just a different cooking style - stew, soup, BBQ, stir fry - but it is almost always red and spicy. The only thing that I look forward to in a Korean meal is the side dishes, also known as banchan (반찬).

The last time Kimchi boy's mum sent me a package from Korea, she sent some black beans so .. I made some today! So proud of myself. Got him to show his mum this photo and she said I did well ^.^

Black Beans (콩자반)

I love the variety of banchans offered alongside Korean meals!

Spot the black beans!!

Side dishes that were served with our abalone porridge in Jeju Island.

'Exquisite' side dishes when we went to a really good traditional Korean restaurant.

Side dishes on his dining table at home. There are just boxes and boxes of tupperware stacked neatly on his dining room table. (They don't fridge it as it was winter)


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