Korean Recipe: Japchae

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I can honestly say Japchae is one of my favorite Korean dishes and just like Bibimbap is something quite easy to make.
Image: Maangchi.com

Japchae is made with potatoe noodles and vegetables, this dish is served during traditional Korean Festivities and if you have ever had Korean Food in Mexico you'll know this dish is part of the Banchan they usually serve you!

This recipe is very easy to follow, so here it goes:

1.- Cut the cucumber into thin slices, remove the seeds, marinate with salt and squeeze out the excess water,  pan-fry them for a minute
Image source: www.chow.com
2.- Cut the onion  into long, thin slices and pan-fry them
3.- Cut the carrots (lengthwise) into thin slices, season with salt and pan-fry them
4.- Cut the beef and mushrooms into thin slices and pan-fry them
5.- Beat one egg and fry into a thin layer, then cut it into thin layers.
6.- Boil cellophane noodles, the noodles should be soft but firm (Does that make sense?, check out the package instructions for better understanding!)
7.- Rinse the noodles in cold water, add soy sauce, sugar and seasame oil. Stir fry the mixture in a large pan using vegetable oit.
8.- Add the vegetables to the pan, mix and season with soy sauce, salt, sesame salt, sugar and sesame oil.
9.- Add the egg slices.

Even thou this is very easy to make, it involves too many steps and if you are lazy like me (sometimes),  you can also go to a Korean Store and buy it there :)

If you have any Korean Food recipes to share let me know!!, I'm always up to try to cook something new.

-Gisela V.

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