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Busan Awesome's Christmas Gift Ideas by Melissa Tait

So, it’s that time of year again. And by that time of the year I mean the time you feel a little guilty and sad because you’re off globetrotting while all your friends and family are celebrating Christmas in your home town. So, should you send presents home? I say yes, mainly because I enjoy shopping and finding fun, silly things for friends back home. That said, I have a low tolerance for spending money on excess postage, so I’m always on the lookout for presents that pack and send well. Here are some of my recommendations. I’d love to hear yours too!

1) Socks! They are awesome and cheap here. And most of your friends and family have feet. These are light to pack and send, and can be worn though out the year. Available from every second shop and street vendor in Korea.

2) Couple underwear sets. Do you have a friend/family member who recently became engaged or married? These romantic sets will add a slice of humour to the bedroom. These are a little more expensive and aren’t available in all sizes, but take the courage to get into an underwear shop and have a look to find the most hilarious set you can find. It will be appreciated back home.

3) Small, plastic things from Daiso. I love Daiso and the crazy small plastic things that you can get there. From carrot-shaped food clips to plastic containers for toothbrushes, everything they have amuses me. Plus, they are lightweight and can be sent home. They might not last forever but they will get a chuckle from your friends and family back home.

4) Key chains/phone accessories. These are great stocking fillers and normally go for W1,000 – W2,000. I particularly like the key chain which is a small soju bottle. Classy. These are very small and fun, and have the extra bonus of your friends are able to show them off everywhere they go. Available from all phone shops and places where small, sparkly accessories are found.

5) Stationary! I’m not sure about the availability of stationary in America or Canada, but in Australia they just don’t have the awesome notebooks and letter sets you get here. Also, they are incredibly cheap and flat to send. I recommend going into your nearest Artbox and having a look through the range of adorable notebooks and things available. You will find one to suit your writerly friends.

So, these are my recommendations. I’ve stayed away from things that are harder to send, but would love to hear your recommendations!



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