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Hi everyone!,

As some of you already know, I'm a huge fan of Korean Food, I love eating it and cooking it, and KoreaTaste started their blogging contest on february, which was entered by default since I was already a member of the site, this only encourage me to blog more about food!

Last month the winners were announced and I got 3rd place (YAY!), and also got selected as a winner for being a "new" member, 2 weeks ago I received an email regarding my gift being sent and this Thursday I got a huge package on the mail!

The package had a Thank you letter from KoreaTaste, a Box of Seaweed (5 packages), 1 Box of Korean Red Ginseng Tea (it contains like 100 teabags) and a bottle of Korean Red Ginseng extract, of course I didn't know how to use this, so I asked some friends and checked some videos online to know more about it.

First, the Teabags, the ginseng comes in some sort of powder, there's no need of a Teabag or a Tea-spoon (is that how it's called? lol), you just pour it in warm water and that's it, I thought it was going to taste bad (I read about the bad taste somewhere), but no, the taste is a little bit sweet and it's very refreshing, anyway, I found out that Korean Ginseng is good to lower high blood pressure, helps Boost the immune system, helps treat Diabetes Mellitus and helps developing Brain efficency and also it has some effect on the eyes... I read you have to take about 600ml a day (2-3 cups) and after 2 weeks you have to take another week off of the tea, it's not recommended to drink it at night because it can cause insomnia, and I already have enough insomnia to add this to it :P. I just started taking it this weekend, so, let's see how it helps in the next couple of weeks!

The Korean Red Ginseng Extract helps:

 Relieve stress and fatigue since Ginseng works as a natural adaptogen in the body that allows the body to accommodate to stress in a natural manner (it is also said to work with the nervous system as a natural tranquilizer)

Boost mental efficency since it containg many gensenosides that are able to boost efficency in the brain and reduce mental fatigue.

Boost libido, this is one of the most widely-known bennefits of Red Ginseng ~Something I don't think I'll get to test~ lol

Boost immune system because of Ginseng's high amount of Vitamins and Minerals, it is believed to strength the body's immunity and it can also wok as a natural detoxifier.

Lower blood pressure. It is benneficial to those who suffer hypertension (Like me!)

Control blood sugar. Red Ginseng reduced cortisol levels in the bloodstream and helps promote insulin production. Helps manage or preven Diabetes.

Treat Arthritis, because of its anti-inflammatory properties is a great natural alternative to reducing the severity of rheumatoig arthritis.

Promote Bodily balance, all ginseng varieties are classified as adaptogens aka herbs that work addressing any imbalances you have in your body (includes infections, insomnia, stress, digestive issues, etc.

And I don't think I have to tell you what the Seaweed is used for, right? :)

There you have it, I guess I'll be posting more about this since I just started taking the Ginseng Tea and this week I'll try the Red Ginseng!

I would like to thank KoreaTaste for the opportunity to blog for them and for the Healthy presents I got! 

-Gisela V.

**Source: http://voices.yahoo.com/benefits-korean-red-ginseng-10509853.html

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