Korean FAQ – Object Marker for Locations (학교에 가다 vs 학교를 가다)

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Here's a topic I don't see discussed much - when and how can the Object Marker (을/를) be used with locations?

We all know how the particles 에 or (으)로 are normally used to show where motion is going, and can mean "to." But did you know that the Object Marker can also have a similar usage? It does... but only in certain cases. While I don't recommend using the Object Marker to mark your locations when speaking Korean, there are a few cases where it's accepted and even common, and I'll show some of those in this video.

Since switching to two video uploads per week, I created this "Korean FAQ" series to be posted once a week as an additional supplement to your regular Korean studies. In the future I'd like to introduce more types of videos to upload each week, for more variety.

Your comments, feedback, and suggestions are always appreciated.

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