Kids Give the Best Cards

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Korean kids give the best Birthday Cards.  It has happened enough that I will claim it as fact.

Both of the Birthdays I have spent in Korea have been highlighted by amazingly sweet cards from my students.   

 My most prized 'thing' I took away from the year I spent at Daegyo Elementary was my Birthday card from the girls in 6-3 class.  They wrote me little notes and drew me a great picture and even laminated it for me.  It has since been hung up in both the places I lived last year, and is waiting at my Mom's house for when I come back. 
 It's a big reminder of those kids, and how much that year together impacted me, even if most of them forget about me as they grow up. 

This year at Worwick, I also got some awesome cards.  Crystal, the wonderful Korean teacher who fields the calls from my kids' parents and helps with lunch and homework and a myriad of other things, made the big card. 
 Seriously, it's amazing.  She had my kids draw me pictures or write me a message, and then she printed out pictures of them and me and made this awesome card.    I know it's going to go up on my wall, but I'm still trying to figure out how to display it properly- it's that important.
These cards are way more than funny grammar and cute pictures.  They are physical representations of the impact a class can have on both the teacher and the students.

They are so gratifying, and validating, and make me truly proud to be teaching these kids.  

Thank you Crystal, and Orion Class for being the cherry on top of this year's Birthday Cupcake. 

From Busan with Birthday Love,

From Roam with Love




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