Keep on Chugging Them Out

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After three days into this year's Winter Camp I have finally found the time to come home after classes and get back to lesson plan creation. I have now started on the 2nd semester for next year. Given the first week of planning wasn't too bad as that will just be fluff stuff till we start the book again.

This Winter Camp I have the high level kids and on the one hand it is a relief they aren't as wacky as the low levels, but on the other they argue with me about everything. "Teacher, but I answered the question so give me a sticker!" "No, teacher you are wrong!" (That last one gets spit out quite often.)

But we are in the swing of things with the class song established and soon groups will get their role-plays. Also, I am trying to just have fun with them and let their irrational need to get up and dance like crazy when I play a song, slip by me. I am starting to realize that I shouldn't burn too many bridges with these kids as I will have them again next year.

Anyways, I am going to plan the 2nd semester for next year a bit slower as that is far off. The subjects to be covered include, fractions and 3D shapes...which I think can lend some creative activities! haha


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