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Yesterday, I was in a coffee shop in Sorae, and I noticed this rather amusing restroom sign.


Yup, the figures of the woman and the man taking a leak are funny, but what really caught my attention is the phrase on top of the sign.

Whatever they are roasting and blending at the roasting factory doesn’t seem to taste and smell pleasant if it’s coming from you know where.

I’m glad I just ordered waffle. ^^

~~~ Ouch! ~~~

I’m running out of “lip and eye remover”… gotta buy a new one. You’ve heard me. ^^ Well, I don’t really use it to lop off or pluck out parts of my face. I use it to remove lipstick and eye makeup. If you are looking for a lipstick remover or makeup remover in Korea, remember, it’s called “lip and eye remover”.


As for the next product, don’t worry… you won’t shed your nails after using it. “Nail remover” is used to remove nail polish (A.K.A. acetone or nail polish remover). Koreans are familiar with the word acetone, but “nail remover” is more common.



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