Jeju Trip and My First Visitor!

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Whether you’re living abroad or just far away from home, nothing beats seeing a familiar face. Not only is it fun to play tour guide and show off a bit of your newly-acquired cultural knowledge. It’s also wonderful to feel like you’re a little closer to home, if only for awhile.

Two weeks ago I was able visit my best friend’s dad on Jeju Island while he was traveling for business in South Korea! It was fun to get away for the weekend, and even more fun to see him! Though our time together was short, we made the most of it by sampling the native foods of the island (black pig pork), hiking one of Jeju’s many volcanic craters, and soaking up the seaside views.

Had we had another day or two, there definitely wouldn’t have been a shortage of things to see or do on Jeju. There seems to be a go-cart track every few kilometers along the main roads; hiking trails called “olles” allow you to circumnavigate the island on foot; Mt. Halla (the tallest mountain in South Korea) looms in the distance, waiting to be conquered; numerous beaches line the coast and, on a rainy day, you can stay occupied at any one of several quirky museums.

After my visit, I definitely see why Jeju is considered the “Hawaii of Korea” and I hope to go back one more time to take advantage of everything the island has to offer. Also, a special shout out to Tom for coming to see me and treating me to a fantastic weekend! Thanks again!

Tom's coworkers and our tour group for the day! Sunrise Peak Stairway to Heaven Sunrise Peak and iconic yellow flowers of Jeju Crater Hiking Crater Hiking Halfway up to Sunrise Peak Crater Hiking Walking to the top of Sunrise Peak Seopji-co-ji Cove Early morning view from the hotel Dinner!

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