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When I was in Osaka, I stayed in the perfect guesthouse. It's location was not the best, a 5mins walk from Fukushima Station, but it was reasonably convenient to major places like Tennoji, Namba. I had done many comparisons before hand and found their rates to be very affordable. I'd paid a total of ¥6,200 for one night in a 4-bed girl's dorm and one night in a private double room. 

I love how they reply emails promptly and their guesthouse staff were all friendly, have good knowledge of Osaka places & travel recommendations, very helpful and very very pretty. 

The place has a very interesting past and most of its interior and architecture are preserved. It's facilities are very modern though. Definitely worth a visit and I will be back for sure. 

It is hidden in a little alley. Their website provides very clear directions on how to get to their guesthouse. 

Rooms, lounge, bathing facilities are all on the second floor. It is a really small cosy living environment. There are probably less than 50 people on any night.

Japanese style futons are so comfortable I absolutely did not feel like I was sleeping on the floor!

Even though bathing and toilets are shared facilities, they were so clean I felt like it was my own private toilet and shower room. Each shower cubicle consists of a shower area and dry changing area. You get your own private changing space to comfortably apply lotion and change after showering! Shampoo and soap are provided free or charge, but you have to rent a towel for ¥100 if you didn't bring your own. 

On the second night, we had to move to the girl's dorm which was just as comfortable. My own private space was more than enough for a petite girl like me. You get your own storage area (with lock), power plug/source, lamp etc. 

You can draw the curtains for more privacy. 

This has got to be the best guesthouse I have ever stayed at. I literally felt like it was my home. The lounge had a soothing ambience and was equipped with basic kitchen utensils, tea, matcha powder.. The only downside is that it might not be suitable for families because of their limited room types and you had to be very quiet as the walls are thin. 

For more information, their website is  http://u-en.hostelosaka.com/index_en.html 


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