The January Ahead

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It's a freezing start to January and still lots of winter weeks ahead before things could potentially warm up. But I seem to be doing well staying warm this winter with my fantastic Marmot down coat I bought a few years ago. It helps to have a reliable coat, hat, scarf, boots and mittens to last through this season. I can't help but say I'm looking forward to the endless rain in Seattle, because at least it doesn't get too cold there!

January is going to be a month with Winter Camp, a week off and then back to regular work. I'm looking forward to camp, that starts next week. For one I miss the kiddos and also it's my last camp. I have the high levels this time with a few spunky kids in it that are really fun to be around. So I can't wait to get all goofy and giggly with these kids. I know that teaching and being in the classroom is going to be what I will miss the most when I leave.

I have a few projects I'm working on for the students. These are a few things I've planned to give and show them as a way of saying "thank you" to them, and so that they won't forget me. You'll see later on what I've been working on.

This month also means continuing to square away my plans for moving to Seattle. I have a lot for sale that you can check out at If you want anything please let me know. Other than that I already found a place to rent in Seattle and am super excited about it. I know it will be a cozy place for me and Tom. I'll consider posting more about it later.

Otherwise just hope to get to the pension office later this month to file for that....

And generally trying to enjoy my last two months here in Korea. Hopefully the weather will warm up a bit and I can take on more expeditions around town.

Hope your new year is shaping up nicely!


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