Itaewon + wandering = Itaewandering

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One recent weekday afternoon I had the chance to meander through some sections of Itaewon that I hadn't seen before. If you've lived in Seoul or visited Seoul, you know Itaewon as the foreigner-friendly district with plenty of international restaurants and dance clubs. Getting off that main street (and a couple of side streets) is a chance to slow things down and find your own way in this interesting area. There's no theme, reason, or rhyme here - I just hope you enjoy the photos.

Flying bird, set free!

Clay bowls, gone black-and-white.

The condition of the sign, combined with the message, is priceless.

The camera, in case you were wondering is a Nikon D70 with a 35mm f/1.8 lens attached. With the aperture wide open, your depth-of-field is fabulously small. No worries about low light here, but late at night, no flash is needed in 98% of shots.

Older but colorful.

No idea why Santa looks to be tied up.

Why do government buildings always get the coolest designs?

Chocolate in dozens of languages.

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