Island life... Day 1 on Lombok Island, Indonesia

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We made it to Lombok Island in Indonesia and are LOVING it so far!  
Here's what our first couple days looked like!

This is our house that we rented for 5 days for $22.00 a night!  Awesome, right?!  

The girls made us banana pancakes with chocolate syrup for breakfast in the open air cafe!

and this little schmooch layed at our feet the whole time!

Gemma and Madday  are the sweet couple who own the homestay where we're staying and they took us on a little tour of the town, so we knew where to hang out!  I was dying to get out of my dress and jump in the ocean!

So, that's what we did!  After the tour, we changed and headed right back over to Tanjung Aan beach!

We rented a scooter, because it's the best way to get around this area of Lombok Island.  There are gorgeous beaches around every corner, and cows, water buffalo, goats, and chickens lining the streets the whole way! :) 

Now that's the look of a happy couple who's on their second day of vaca!

After chilling on look out point, we hiked down and hung out, literally all by ourselves, on Tanjung Aan beach!

Well, we were all alone, except for these 4 little guys! This little local Indonesian kid was surfing, naked, with 3 of his friends!  

How awesome are these kids?!


There are sweet (and sometimes not so sweet) little girls everywhere we go trying to sell us bracelets that they make to sell for school supplies.

We had dinner at Friendly Cafe, right on the beach, as the sun was setting!  It was the PERFECT way to end our first night in paradise!

Like I said, cute kids everywhere trying to sell bracelets!

Nasi Goreng... how I love you!

.... and anywhere there is food, there is a hungry pup around!

Friendly Cafe, Kuta Beach, Lombok

I'm so happy Aaron found this place when we were researching where to go in Indonesia!  It's the perfect mix of rural, beauty, white sand, turquoise water, CHEAP food, warm weather, and great people!


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