I would love for Seattle to support another NBA franchise....

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I would love for Seattle to support another NBA franchise. Please come up, Kings!


Could Seattle be getting the Sacramento Kings? That’s what the Sacramento Bee said after a Seattle Times story broke about a proposed new arena in the Seattle area. 

Seattle officials have been in talks for eight months on plans to build a new arena, and they have an eye on the Sacramento Kings, according to news reports this weekend in Seattle.

The Seattle Times reported it obtained documents Friday indicating that city’s mayor’s office has been working behind the scenes with a San Francisco businessman who hopes to buy a team and bring it to Seattle if an arena can be financed.

It doesn’t matter if Seattle does end up making a deal to being a team back because Sacramento’s Chris Lehane, the brainchild behind the “Think Big” Arena effort says

‘“Sacramento is as close as ever to getting an arena deal done and keeping the Kings,’ Lehane said in an email to The Bee on Sunday. ‘The NBA’s actions and words have made clear it wants to keep the Kings in Sacramento, and if the league continues to make clear this commitment, the city is in a position to control its own destiny should it determine that moving forward on the parking solution is in the best interest of the public.’”

We’ll see, but Seattle has shown they can support an NBA franchise, and I’m not sure Sacramento can say the same. 

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