I really like Dr. Kwon in Yeonsan, but I went to another dentist...

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I really like Dr. Kwon in Yeonsan, but I went to another dentist recently due to time constraints. Dr. Kang’s Dental Clinic in Seomyeon (강치과의원) is quite large but they’re really busy so I recommend calling ahead to make an appointment. 

Everyone speaks excellent English and Dr. Kang is efficient + quick. He doesn’t have much time to answer questions or explain things, but his staff is knowledgable and helpful. 

They gave me a discount for mentioning that I saw their advertisement in Busan Haps Magazine -so it might help you to do the same!

Address: 부산 부산진구 부전2동 160-6, Seomyeon, Busan

Directions: Seomyeon Subway Station, exit 2. You will walk forward one block and you’ll find their office on your left up on the 7th floor.

Phone: (051) 802-6377


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Re: I really like Dr. Kwon in Yeonsan, but I went to another ...

I think you should delete, or alter this ASAP. Innocently, or not, you seem to be suggesting to go elsewhere in a round about way. I think you have made specific comments here about people in their professions, and their manner of treatment. I think that is not a good idea. You use BUT in your banner. Could be seen as negative.

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Re: I really like Dr. Kwon in Yeonsan, but I went to another ...

She includes the link to her very positive review for the other dental office in this very blog post. It doesn't come off as negative at all. She's only trying to help other people source a different dental office that happens to be in Seomyeon, because she didn't have the time to get to Yeonsan. Exactly as she explained in her post.

We should really be more appreciative of people who put time & effort into posts like these that are only intended to help others. Jumping on someone with "delete, or alter this, ASAP" and assuming they meant to put down another business, when it's obvious they didn't, is not very encouraging.

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