Hurshimchung Oktoberfest 2013

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Its that time of year again, where Busan’s finest breakout the lederhosen and dance to the best Russian Band while drinking fine German beer.

Thats right ladies and gentleman its time for Oktoberfest at Hurshimchung. The German beer house is located in the same building as the giant spa, attached to the Hotel Nongshim, and is quite the event when you walk in. The brewhouse brews its own beer on site, which is more than most Korean bars can say and they stock the classic german favorites. Food there is delicious (albeit expensive) but well worth it. The highlight however, is the distinctly Russian band that plays there quite regularly while drunk Koreans dance around wildly drinking and eating to their hearts content.

Oktoberfest, takes it up a notch. The cost is 10,000 KRW for a mug of beer, which you can then refill for 3,000 more. What a deal!!! The classic russian band may make an appearance and I am sure more than just Koreans will be joining in the dancing antics.

There are supposed to be live bands playing traditional German music as well, some drinking contests, accordion performances, a photo and game zone and several prize drawings are all in store for this years action!


The festival runs October 10-12th 2013 from 4 pm to 2 am


Directions to Oktoberfest:

Take the Orange line Subway to stop 127, Ochenjeong. From there, walk across the walkway outside exit 3 and 5 and walk towards the home plus building.

From the home plus building walk across the top floor (about 2 min walk) and vear to the left until you reach the escalators, go down the escalators and get to the big crosswalk. From the cross walk you should not be able to see the subway station.

Cross the big crosswalk and walk down the street on your right. Take your First major left turn and its in the MASSIVE newer building on your right side.  The brewhouse is located on the First floor behind the bakery.





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