How To Teach English In An International School (w/ out going back to school or spending thousands of $$)

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Would you like to teach English abroad in an international school? In China or possibly somewhere else? Did you know that you usually need to be a licensed teacher to do that?

Oh, what a bummer you might say...

But wait...

Instead of going back to school and paying thousands of dollars there's another option.

I am not speaking from experience here, but apparently there's another way and you can get a license through the state of Massachusetts.


Learn more:

  1. Massachusetts Test For Educator Licensure
  2. I received my American teaching license in Tokyo for $251
  3. I earned my US teaching license for $350, while working in Tokyo!

Sometimes if you have extensive experience you can also get in to an international school too. But for the most part you need a license.

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