How To Say ‘Kitchen’ In Korean

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What kind of a house or an apartment do you live in? How many rooms does it have? How would you describe each room? Better yet, do you know how to name and describe each of the rooms in Korean yet?

Today we will learn how to say kitchen in Korean. Now, we are not psychics, we don’t know exactly what your kitchen looks like! However, what we can do is to help you getting started describing the kitchen in your home. Perhaps even kitchen’s in other people’s homes, or restaurants! Let’s get learning!


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‘Kitchen’ in Korean

The first word for how to say kitchen in Korean is 부엌 (bueok). The word may look a little bit tricky at first, but luckily it’s short enough to be easy to remember! Another word for how to say kitchen in Korean that is in popular use is 주방 (jubang).

They are both interchangeable with each other. However, there is also a specific difference in the meanings of the two words. Can you guess what it is?

부엌 is the older word of the two. It is still popular to use amongst the older generation of Koreans, no matter what type of a kitchen they are referring to. However, at its roots, the word 부엌 specifically means a traditional kind of Korean kitchen.

Meanwhile, 주방 is the more modern word for kitchen. This is more likely to be the word you’ll hear younger Koreans use, and thus may be the more important word for you to know. Specifically, the word 주방 refers to a modern style of kitchen, with gas stoves and all. Also, you would use the word 주방 to refer to a restaurant kitchen.

Associations for ‘Kitchen’ in Korean

To remember 부엌 (bueok) think of being in an old traditional kitchen. There’s no running water, and you have to make a fire in an old stove to cook anything. It’s a lot of work! So much work is no fun so when you have to cook there you say “Boo! Work!” (imagine sticking out your tongue at the idea of the work too). This sounds like the word for kitchen, 부엌.

For the newer word, know that 방 is the general word for “room” in Korean. Knowing this, where is the room you keep the juice? Why in the ‘kitchen’ of course! Think of the kitchen as the “juice room” and remember that Koreans like to shorten words so they’re easier to say. So we get the “ju(ice) bang,” 주방.

Related Vocabulary

부엌용품 (bueokhyongphum) – kitchen utensils

부엌세간 (bueoksegan) – kitchen utensils

주방기구 (jubangkigu) – kitchen utensils

주방용구 (jubangyonggu) – kitchen utensils


A word of caution about Romanization

While it is possible for you to study the words in this article simply by reading their romanized versions, it will come in handy for you to be able to read Hangeul if you ever wish to come to Korea. Hangeul is the Korean alphabet, and not difficult to learn. In fact, you can learn it in just 90 minutes.

After you’ve familiarized yourself with Hangeul, life in Korea will suddenly seem so much easier and the country won’t appear so foreign for you. So, if you’re serious about learning Korean, why not learn Hangeul today?


Sample Sentences


남편이 부엌에 요리를 하고 있어요. (namphyeoni bueokhe yorireul hago isseoyo.)

The husband is cooking in the kitchen.


저는 주방 보조로 일해요. (jeoneun jubang bojoro irhaeyo.)

I work as an assistant to a chef.



미안해, 난 부엌에 있어서 폰을 못 들었어. (mianhae, nan bueokhe isseoseo phoneul mot deureosseo.)

Sorry, I was in the kitchen so I couldn’t hear the phone.


여긴 우리 집의 주방이야. (yeogin uri jibe jubangiya.)

This is our home’s kitchen.


Now that you know how to say “kitchen” in Korean, what other rooms of the house would you like to know? Let us know in the comments below!


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